Haiku experience by Corie

This experience was held in a park near a shrine. We had our own picnic table and were given a tutorial with a Japanese/English sheet of paper presented by a translator as well as a well-regarded haiku poet. After explaining the basics of Japanese haiku, which is definitely more than just the 5-7-5 syllable breakdown I learned about in school, they walked us around the park and explained different natural elements that might inspire our poem. After we composed our poems in English, the haiku artist translated the essence of them into Japanese onto a really nice sheet/board of paper in calligraphy. He then read the result and translated the way he interpreted your words. It was really interesting to see how he captured the heart of the English words, but structured it in keeping with the Japanese haiku tradition and language. Not an easy feat! As a writer, I really enjoyed this experience and would recommend it to others. The result makes for a unique keepsake.

Corie 2018 April