Christmas Box 2020: Limited 20 boxes of Japanese Tokyo Ginza to order now (English version)

Version Français : Boîte de Noël 2020 : Offre limitée – 20 boîtes de gâteaux japonais du Tokyo Ginza à commander dès maintenant

This is great news for people who love Japanese cakes! 😉

Last year it was very successful, and we decided to do this year too, for people who miss the Japanese taste !!

We decided to let you discover a beautiful box of savory cakes designated with 24 kinds of beautiful flowers at Senbeis packages with 8 different tastes of Tokyo Ginza by 45 € including shipping to France (if you live in another country, I would tell you the fee) !!

※ Senbei highly recommended among Japanese, one of the best known Japanese cake shops in Ginza, Akebono. It will give you a beautiful Japanese Christmas party 2020. 😉

※ Box size: 17cm × 8cm
※ Content and taste: 24 kinds of Senbeis flower designs (savory cakes) / 8 kinds of flavors: Japanese curry and broth, Shrimp, Black pepper, Japanese sesame, Sweet yuzu, Blue seaweed, Purple sweet potato, Seaweed in soy sauce.

Order now !!

If you are interested, complete the form below and you will receive your package about two weeks.

1 / Complete the form and send it! Don’t forget * your address, * phone number.

2 / Wait for a response from Une Tokyoïte with the Paypal invoice.

3 / Pay the price of 45 € on PayPal!

4 / Get the beautiful box at home in 2 weeks !! Try to taste the cakes as a couple !! 😉

※ 1. Shipping by post: e-packet light. (Duration approximately 2 weeks)
※ 2. If you live in other country, the shipping fee would be different and I will tell you.
※ 3. When we ship out your box, we could inform you the pursuit number. (there is no insurance after shipping from Japan Post)

Here is a comment of last year!

We are waiting for your registration !! Thank you !! 😉

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